Company Osauhing Apest Grupp offers a service for testing of existing and newly laidpavement, gravel and soil bases by Deflektomera falling load – INSPECTOR 3.

Our company has passed the calibration device INSPEKTOR 3, trained testing staff andtechnical equipment to create electronic records of the tests.

Deflectometer falling load – INSPEKTOR 3 allows us to determine the strengthparameters of the layers of structures, as with a binder and without binder materials (sand, gravel, crushed rock, asphalt, etc.) and on the basis of these data to estimate the carrying capacity of the layer (coverage).

In road construction the device can monitor the degree of compaction of soil, laid graveland pavement. The construction of buildings – to evaluate the bearing capacity of soilunder the foundation.

More information is available on the manufacturer’s website.

Technical data unit INSPECTOR 3:

Maximum dynamic load 23 кН
The size of the base plate 140 и 200 мм
Pressure on the surface:
plate 140мм 1,5 Мпа
plate 200мм 0,73 Мпа
The range of strain measurement 0,16 – 30 мм
The measuring range of the elastic modulus 5 – 900 Мпа
Operating temperature range -10º/+40º С

In eelektronny test report includes the following information: 

  • Number and the number of tests in the series (from 5 to 8 beats per point)
  • Values of the modulus of elasticity for each hit in the series E (n)
  • The average value of the modulus of elasticity in the test – Ek 
  • The value of compression factor in the test – Tf 
  • Outdoor temperature in the test area – t º C 
  • Date and time of testing.
  • Coordinates of the points test based on the positioning system GPS (Global Positioning System) with the ability to view programs in Google Maps or Google Earth.