The Apest Grupp construction company was established in 2001. The main fields of our operation is non-residential and residential construction. In a short time company has taken leading position in the construction market of Ida-Viru county thanks to the expirienced and skilled staff. One of the main customers is Narva Powerplants. Apest Grupp is permanently operating at Narva Powerplants buildings and premises and carries out works as following:

  • Building Reconstruction;
  • Rooms redecoration;
  • Road repairs;
  • New buildings construction;

The company is constantly developing and broadening relationships with new partners. Since 2005 Narva Hospital has became an our customer. The wide range of works has been complited since then:

  • Rooms reconstruction in SMP department on the 1 floor, Haigla 9, Narva;
  • Intensive care room redecoration, Haigla 5, Narva;
  • Rooms and entrances repair of the building Karja 6, Narva;
  • Impementation of noise reduction measures at operating rooms, Haigla 1, Narva;
  • Design and research and construction works with the purpose of water elimination in underground tunnel, which connects three hospital buildings, Haigla 1, 3, 5, Narva;
  • Installation of ramps for physically disabled people in ambulance, Haigla 1, 3, 5, Narva;
  • Design and construction works in CT-scanner room in radiological department, Haigla 1, Narva.

Successful bidding for state contracts gave an opportunity to filfill projects as following:

  • Narva Vocational Training Centre painting and auxiliary room construction works, Kalda 9, Narva;
  • Narva Vocational Training Centre rooms redecoration, Kreenholmi 45, Narva;
  • Building foundations, equipment installation at Balti and Eesti Powerplants;
  • Children’s Day Centre „LAD“ redecoration, Hariduse 2, Narva.

The latest important development is the signing of a big international turnkey contract with company „Ural Energy Engineering Centre“. Contract includes construction and installation works of ash-utilization equipment at Eesti Powerplant. In February 2007 Apest became a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The number of employees is increasing due to increse in scope of work. Particular attention is being paid to personnel qualification and providing wokplaces with all necessary accordingly to EU requirements. This approach lets company ensure high quality of work and meet customer requirements and expectations. Factors, which make Apest Grupp unique among the other construction companies, are following:

  • mobility
  • reliability
  • high quality
  • high speed of works
  • experienced and qualified personnel
  • investments in employee training and equipment
  • financial stability


  • Strengthening position on the construction market
  • Quality compliance accordingly to EU requirements
  • Inrease in scope of work
  • Competitive position

Company History

  • 2001 – company establishment and looking for Customers
  • 2002 – staff development, office installation, portfolio making
  • 2003 – continual development, increasing in scope of work, main customer is Narva Elektijaamad
  • 2005 – implementation of quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 requirements